20 Dec

Miriam Haskell Jewelry | Filigree Designs | Jewelry Supplies

Jewelry findings and components are very important pieces for creating contemporary jewelry which is a very popular alternative to fine jewelry like gold or precious diamonds that costs thousands of dollars which is actually hard for your pockets. There are many types of jewelry findings which can be used to make various designs of contemporary and jewelry. Here are some of the jewelry findings you might be needing for jewelry making.

19 Oct

– Glass – Page 1 – A Grain of Sand

The company of A Grain of Sand is a store of rarely unique , Swarovski crystal , crystal , and much more. Now, if you want to be on top and be like a fashion icon,… Is the used of glass is merely the factor can help you to get on. The great chance to get into the top of the glam is to accentuate your dress by using the glass , Swarovski crystal , and pearl of A Grain of Sand, in which it all manufactured from lead-free, soda lime-type.