12 Feb

Rubber Compression Molding: Science Meets Productivity

When talking to experts, most agree that rubber compression molding is both a science and an art. After all, this process involves using rubber material, which, depending on the type, produces different products. For a successful rubber molding process, a top manufacturer knows what to use, how to use it, and what to look for to ensure you receive a superior finished product.

18 Dec

Various Forms in Which Plastic Get Used in Plastic Extrusions

Plastic extrusions are parts or components manufactured using a high-volume extrusion process. For this, raw plastic is melted and then formed into a continuous profile. Ultimately, this method produces all types of plastic extrusion shapes for a broad range of products, including fencing, window frames, plastic sheeting, weather stripping, tubing, wire insulation, plastic films, pipes, and more.

11 Dec

Types of Rubber Used for Making Rubber Extrusions Products

For rubber extrusions, a top manufacturing company produces finished products that benefit multiple industries. With this process, an expert creates rubber extrusion shapes based on your specifications. The process involves extrusions, which are parts that get forced through a of the required cross-section using pressure produced by the extrusion machine.