9 Oct

Top Tips to Prevent a Car Lockout

Many circumstances can cause a car lockout, and it could be frustrating. Some reasons to get yourself locked out of the car is maybe you needed to check something on your tires or engine, and you didn’t realize that you left your keys in the ignition. Another possible reason is you lost your keys or your car’s security system malfunctions while your keys were inside of the vehicle. There are some easy tips on how you can prevent a car lockout situation. Mishaps can happen to anyone so don’t be t

29 Sep

Benefits of Adopting Smart Parking Solution For Cities

Digital parking or say smart parking involves the utilization of real-time data, low-cost sensors, and some mobile apps which can help users to monitor parking spots, available or unavailable. The ultimate goal is to make automation and decrease the time taken for manually searching the optimal parking spot, lot, and floor. There are some solutions which can integrate complete set of services like online payments, advance booking, parking time notifications, and car searching functionalities for