16 Apr

Artificial Intelligence for Apps

For 15 years, SDI has been bringing SMBs in Melbourne, Mumbai, and Silicon Valley the latest advances in the coolest technologies. AI is possibly the coolest of the cool – maybe the single greatest tool an entrepreneur or SMB owner can possess to grow their business into a money making the machine. AI apps provide such value to Users that they quickly become indispensable, which translates into a massive money generating machine for you.

9 Apr

Build Successful Game App

SDI is Australia’s top gaming app development company. We know how to create hooks, get downloads and turn freemium apps into massive revenue generators. We build fantastic apps – from ar game apps to simpler Game apps for Android or iOS. We live and breathe app development – which is probably why we have successfully worked with more than 10,000 clients on projects from software development to app development, in locations as diverse as Silicon Valley and Mumbai.